About the Jose Robles Dream Scholarship Fund

Hispanic Students for the Dream ActMany of the people who entered the United States to work as immigrants during the economic boom years of the last few decades brought their minor children with them. Many of these children have been attending American public schools since Kindergarten, and in every cultural sense of the word are “Americans”. The parents of these children were encouraged to come to the United States and work here by employers seeking to fill low paying job openings.

For the great majority of these children, English is their primary language and they have not been to the country of their parents’ birth since early childhood. Many are honor students.

The Dream Scholarship Fund helps these children reach their potential of becoming highly successful, productive, tax paying citizens who will contribute to renewing our economy.

The purpose of this website is to collect money from donors, and distribute scholarships to provide financial aid to eligible students so they can continue their education and attain the success that their parents dreamed of for them when immigrating to the United States.